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#236617 09 Yfz 450R Not Making Enough Hp's

Posted by Fernando1 on 08 February 2011 - 08:25 PM

For those ones out there with this set up please help me with this.

I put a DASA pipe, PC5 and Velocity/Trinity intake and I am only getting 40 HP's....whats up with that?

It went from 37 stock to 40 hps.....what are you guys getting? what am I missing? is it the mapping? what map are you using?


#266939 Edge Led Head Light Kit

Posted by Varela760 on 02 September 2012 - 09:01 PM

I need some help trying to install this LED bar to my 04 YFZ. My plan is to rip the oem lights off and just use the oem light switch for the LED bar. Any ideas on how to install the Bar Using The OEM Light Switch? Thank you for your help

#237419 480Cc Big Bore

Posted by foxboy350 on 19 February 2011 - 12:51 PM

hey guys i've been pondering the idea getting bigger cubes out of the quad, i was thinking about doing the big bore kit from trinity or duncun racing but what all would you have to do with i i got yout usual bolt on full yosh,msd and intake. would i have to do intense head work and get bigger cams? please help out on this . thanks for you time.

#3253 What's Everyone's Names

Posted by cheeseburger on 05 January 2005 - 03:42 AM

let's try to get a list together and maybe pin it or something...
some of you i know some i don't... i'll keep editing to keep the list fresh at the top... and tell me your last names if you want them up..

*4fiddygirl*- Kelly * Norco, Ca
1iviper- (38)
24v- Jeremy(26) * San Diego, CA
2fun- (36)
3L3M3NT- Eric(21) * Sturgeon Bay, WI
450rydr- Scott * Veneta, OR
909yfz- Rick * Moreno Valley, CA
Adventurebound- Kai * San Diego, CA
Angry girl- Sara (19) * Alpine, CA
Ash- Ash or Ashley(34)
asher- Asher(21)
AWL8UP- Dennis * Mesa, Arizona
b-rad yfz450- Brad * Duncan, MI
bansheebob- Bob(38)  *  Highland, CA
BBIII- Bobby(28) * Leavenworth, Kansas
bigjon- Jon B.(32) * Dubbo, Australia
bigscary- JW * Center, Texas
Bigwaynester- Wayne(45)  *  LaPorte, IN
BladeRunner- (33)
blaknblu- Jerry * Kansas
blueboy- Jeremy
bluegoose- Ryan(17) * Lancaster, CA
bordsmnj- Jason *  Garden Grove, CA
Bowtievega- Mark *   Gilbert AZ
brandorm- Brandon(22) * Tulare, CA
brody7- Josh * Fort Collins,CO.
bulldogz400- Dane
cableguy- Bill * Lancaster, CA
carteryfz450- Aaron(22) * Bethalto, illinois
Caterpillar- Monty * Fort St. John, B.C., Canada
chapman- Matt * Indiana
chazt- Chuck * Pembroke Pines, Florida
cheeseburger35- Matt B(19) *  Seminole, Oklahoma
chuck_norris- Chuck *  Bryceville, FL
concrete26- Dana(35)
Cocheesey- Matt R. * West Jordan, UT
COOP- Austyn * Piedmont, Al
cpcpatriot- Dave
crash929- Chris
crazy z- Chris
crowerpower- Mike(25)
crslt01- Justin(21)
detroityzf450- Joe * Detroit, Michigan
dick- Richard(24)    * Vancouver Island B.C. Canada
domin8- Randall(31) * Kansas City, MO
DonoYFZ450- Don(30) * Chicago, IL
dunepimp- Shayne(29) * Reno, NV
earnhard3- Scott  *  Traverse City, MI
edgerat- Issac(27) * Washington State
element- Linnea * Minneapolis, MN
fartndust- Dan  * Washougal, Washington
fast1- Mike  * Minneapolis, MN
FASTFOURFIFTY- Mike P * Smallville, UT
fastnature- Joey * Liberal, KS
fatboy- Garrett * Hacienda Heights, California
finishlineracing- Brad Arceneaux    * Louisiana
glamisbound5- Greg (37)  * Corona, CA
hawktrx- Tod(41) * Yuba City, CA
haydug- Doug  * Gallipolis, Ohio
hollywood- (34)
Hottrodjim- Jim(40) * San Diego, CA
JayDawg- Jason(31)   * Sterling, CO
jdogs66- Jason                                    *      Santa Maria, CA
jjones660- Jason                                  *     Windsor, CO
JLove450- John(19) * Temecula, CA
jshtex- Jeff(42)
ken1- Ken(38)
ketchup- Bill(24)                                   *    Philly, PA
KGB- Kam                                             *   Salt Lake City, Utah
Lahrae- Lahrae                  *                       Tillamook, OR
liv2ride- Barry                     *                     San Diego, CA
LostCause439- (24)
Matt--- see yfz460
maverick- Jay                       *                    Denver, CO
mike93000- Mike
MR. KRYPTONITE- Jared(26)     *                  Utah
mtxracer36- Ryan                     *                Las Vegas, Nevada
muff419- (25)
mydixiewrecked- Mark                *               O.C.
nascimentoracing- (28)                 *             Manteca, CA
nc450- Josh                                   *            NC
Old Man- Michael(55)
onyx- (33)
ozark450- James(24)                       *          Ozark Missouri
pahrump- Scott(25)                           *        Pahrump, Nevada
painkiller- Chad(27)                            *      North Carolina
parks9- Adam(15)                              *      Centerton, Ar
performance- Mat
phatblack450- Aaron(28)  *                        Henderson, Nevada
philsummers21- Phil Summers(23)   *         Casper, WY
Pladeaux- David(50)                         *       Santa Ana, CA
princeslain- Dustin
puddle jumper- Brandon                     *      Garnett, KS
pure_performance- Karl                       *    Old Bridge, New Jersey
QWK_450- Jason(26) * Ramona, CA
racegun_2011 - Roland(41)                   *    Mississippi
racerboy- (19)
reaction racing- Jeremy(29)  *                    Amarillo, Texas
redandblue- Brent Powell (37) *                  Beaumont, TX
ridesdirt- Korey * Fort Mill, SC
schuey450- Matt S.                  *                Minneapolis MN
schwendi- Kevin(24)                  *              Chico, CA
se7enracing- (31)
shadow- Phil(27)
shanegytr450- (31)
shogun_05- (21)
silent22- Tom(28) * Kansas City, MO
sixteen_quad- Ken(27)          *                   Pell City, AL
slwyfz- Billy                            *                 Fyffe, AL
smoktf250-Calihan  *  Fort Collins CO
sndman1- Lee Lehman(33)        *               Red Bluff, CA
so_call_450- Jeff
sparky450- Scott                        *             Modesto, CA
SSchmi5519- Steve *  Fountain Hills, AZ
steve450- Steve(18)                     *           Rougemont, QC
stevowpappas- Steve(22)                *         Chico, Ca
strawn666- Strawn                          *         Yucaipa, CA
straightarrow- Ian Kalgoorlie * Western Australia
swoulter- (18)
tdishon- (33)
Ticeman- Tony(46)
Toad80t- mike(29)  *                                 West Branch, Iowa
triplejadogg- Jason(25) * East Los Angeles, CA
Trevor05YFZse- Trevor(24) * Vancouver, WA
trxjwb-(25)                *                              Yuma, AZ
velocity111- Nils           *                           Anaheim, CA
vic- Victor                      *                         San Diego, CA
vorra65- Bruce(45) * Sacramento/Norcal, CA
wastecase- Jay/Jason
way-fast-whitey - Dalton   *                       Monroe, La
whitey- Jim R                     *                     Oak Hills, Ca
whodini- John(29)                 *                   Morgan Hill, Ca
Wsky70- Mike * Barstow, CA
yamahead- Dough Austin        *                 Commerce Mi
yfz_450racer- Albert                 *               Windhoek, Namibia------South Africa
yfz_rider- Matt R                        *             Crumpler, WV
YFZ450#69- Adam(21) * Victoria, Australia
yfz450_rocks- Kalen
yfz450air- mike(33)                     *            Overton Nevada
yfz450alterego- Duane(37)             *         Chesapeake, Virginia
yfz450s- Kenneth
yfz460- Matt C(22)                           *       Wichita, KS
yfz671- Dale                                      *     Temeprance, Mi
yfzcentral- Steve * Hillcrest, CA
yfzfelix- Steve(47) * Aloha, OR
yfzkid989- Chris(14)                             *    Whittier, CA
yfzman09- (23)
yfzttracer- Michael(29) * Ward, AR

#268334 Arp Head Bolts

Posted by dozer520 on 15 October 2012 - 11:15 AM

anybody know where i can find arp head bolts for a 2010 yfz450r????

any idea how much they cost? thanks

#196921 Yfzr Gutless?

Posted by 05whiteYFZ on 11 July 2009 - 04:08 PM

i heard from a few people that the new yfzr is gutless, and would take more money to produce higher hp than the older carbed yfz's.
is this true?

#270689 Carb Boring?

Posted by Gerard on 11 December 2012 - 08:53 PM

I've been away from the site for some time now, divorce will do that, LOL, anyway I still have my YFZ and want to taper bore the carb this winter, you still doing this? What are the current prices, etc?



#236016 Thinkin Bout Gettin An R For A Duner....opinions?

Posted by Jtown on 27 January 2011 - 08:30 PM

so my o8' yfz should be paid off this winter. . . thats gonna be built into my drag bike (hill shooter) ..... thas the plan anyways

but i ride everywhere else too much to just have a drag bike, so basically needa good duner. that i can take in the mountains on occasion.. im really diggin the look of the R.
how do yall like em?

common mods? decent power outta the box? how they compair as far as power to the older modles?

#229381 Yfztech Member Map

Posted by ferocity02 on 25 September 2010 - 10:53 PM

Not sure if we have one of these yet... But if you want, go to this link and add yourself to the map. Click on the map and you can add your info.


#270983 Yfz 450 Mmad Or Web Cams

Posted by yfz488king on 21 December 2012 - 07:47 PM

I am looking for sum mmad or web cams for a yfz 450.

#243455 Turbo Yfz Thread

Posted by gsxboost on 01 June 2011 - 05:24 PM

I am turbo'ing my YFZ450. It will be coming apart after my sand dunes trip next weekend. This will be a help and advice thread as well as a walk through of my project turbo quad. I will be doing all the fabrication and mods myself.

First off, I need advice on turbo carb setups for blow through systems. I know a need a boost reference and a 1:1 regulator and all that. My only concern is with the carb parts such as accelerator pump and diaphragm (if applicable). I have never tried a turbo carb on an ATV before. I built a 5.0L carb turbo mustang and an 68 olds 455 turbo, but both were with turbo ready carbs. From what I know, these are not made for ATV's, nor are there rebuild modification kits to handle the problem.

I need some in depth advice on how to setup the carb to work with boost. Please give me only good advice from first hand experience.

Pics will be included with the build so stay tuned and please throw out advice if you have some.


#186027 Project "mean Green"

Posted by fuelcustoms on 16 February 2009 - 09:43 PM

got a good deal from Kawi that couldnt pass up. We going to do some basic mods to this bike and see what we can get out of her. here is what we have seen so far.

Bonestock vs sparks pipe with lid off vs sparks pipe and our fci.

Attached Images

  • kfx_2222.jpg

#91595 Titty Thread...post Them Up

Posted by 1BADYFZ on 21 September 2006 - 01:56 PM

And no  :owned:  pics....

Ass shots, fine ass girl pics, lets keep them original like stuff you shot at an event or the dunes, non of the same pics us perverted guys have seen on the internet a thoudsand times...Did i say a thousand...maybe once or twice...

#260667 Not Starting?

Posted by 4millcub928 on 13 April 2012 - 03:39 PM

i have a 09 yfz just got the head back from k&t did a race port and a big bore went to put it together and nothing timing and everything is good any help please

#271951 Cool New Forum..check It Out

Posted by fatsoe82 on 15 January 2013 - 09:28 PM


#271485 2005 F-150 - Lift It Or Sell It?

Posted by DOMIN8 on 05 January 2013 - 04:34 PM

I have a 2005 F-150 FX4 super crew that I bought off the lot brand new.  It has been well taken care of and has 113,000 highway miles.  5.4 Triton, yada, yada, yada...


Anyway, the better half has given me permission to proceed with the purchase of a new(er) truck to put a lift on.  I was targeting a 2009-11 Chevy - in the $25k range (with significantly less miles).  This will still be my baby hauler, so a super crew is a must.


BUT, why spend more money than I have to?  I'm considering just lifting what I got.  It's, uggh, still bone stock.  


I do tow a boat, and a few ATV's... but nothing I'd consider a real 'load'.  The boat is like 4k lbs.... to me that's a big load (21' boat).  And I will still be using this as my DD, so I don't want to go over the wall with crazy 'cool stuff'.  I really think for my needs, a 1/2 ton will do what I need.  Please object if you see differently.



Here is what I think I'd like to do (regardless of truck):


35" tires on XD Monsters

2 inch leveling kit

6" susp lift (Rough country?)  I'd like to stay under $2k on the susp lift

Edge programmer chip

Magnaflow exhaust (No flowbastards, I'm kind of a magnaho geek)

Some fancy new CAI breather


Any thoughts?  Good idea / bad idea?  How many miles are these 5.4's good for?  I don't want to put any money into a truck that I estimate is worth about 12k... if it's only got a shelf life of 150k miles.  


I'd like to do this project for $5k



#252060 Winterizing?

Posted by Seed on 04 December 2011 - 11:14 AM

I have a quick question about winterizing. I just got my yfz450r all ready for winter and I put gas in it with sea foam in. And a guy told me not to run sea foam in it. So I wanted to ask you guys if I will be fine to put sea foam in it rather than stable. I just put the sea foam in it yesterday and ran it for about 3 minutes. If I need to I can just drain it and add some fuel with stable, which is no biggie, but if I dont have to go through the work of draining it and the guy is pulling my leg and doesnt know what he is talking about then I will just leave it in. So basically the question is, Will sea foam hurt the machine?

#248436 Tranny Tick?

Posted by Seed on 07 September 2011 - 10:51 AM

Well I'm not sure if its normal or not, but this weekend when riding which was really my first time really putting some time on my 09 yfz450r. We were doing some steep hill climbs but I noticed when going back down the steep hills with the clutch pulled in and I have the rear break locked up so I'm basically sliding down the hill. The tranny makes a distinct noise, best I could describe it is the sound of when you first put it in gear almost, but let off the rear break and the sound stops. The quad runs fine and shifts perfectly, so I am not to sure if I should be alarmed or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

#236748 09 Yfz 450R Not Making Enough Hp's

Posted by junkie on 10 February 2011 - 09:55 AM

Garrett, is there a difference between 06 and 08 intake cams in the R? What are the differences throughout the years, if any? I'm getting ready to put a yfz intake cam in my R and I'm not sure if I need to look for a specific year intake cam. Thanks.

#229945 Yfztech Member Map

Posted by sickdime on 08 October 2010 - 06:35 PM

lonely in carolina for the moment.